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Hello Brave one!!  I'm so glad you're here!

If you're here, it means you're committed to becoming the best version of yourself. You'll find that the remedy to any pain is to keep moving - honoring where you are and the places you've been - by going inward and being attentive to what it is that you're feeing.


Loma Life Whole Body Wellness is a blending of vast amounts of learning, evidence based research, intuitive guidance, and over 7 years experience. Together, we will create a plan for making space for you to live and share your truth by unlearning outdated belief systems, unraveling generational wounds, and healing your shadow.


It's time to rise up and meet the fullness of your life!  This space is designed to help you flow through your own self-discovery.  Take the quiz below to help define where a shift needs to take place.  Click here to take advantage of your FREE 30 minute discovery call where together we will co-create what it is that you need to step into a new found understanding.  


Where is it that you want to be?

Tell me - what protective beliefs are you carrying? Now, where is it that you want to be? At the beginning of any transformational journey, it's helpful to look at where you are today as well as imagining where you want to be. Get curious. Be honest with what it is that you don't want to look at. Nobody is judging in this space. We are all just showing up as we are, ready to let go of what has been too heavy to carry.


Start now by writing down any intentions that you have - it will help align your thoughts and energy to what you are desiring in your heart to happen. Connect again and again to the threads of consciousness that take you from where you've been. to where you are, and finally to where you wan to be.


Healing happens in stages. We know we're making progress when we have more light days than dark. The darkness calls for patience and the willingness to sift through the rubble to find the wisdom

Letting go is my remedy. Journaling is my remedy. Crying is my remedy. Connecting is my re


Create the space you need both physically and emotionally, to be with what was in the past, what is in the present, and what will be in the future.  Discover where in the body you're holding onto fear and sorrow by retelling the stories that weigh you down and hold you back.


Integrative Processing Technique (IPT)


IPT for Children
(processing difficult emotions)


Adaptive Yoga


Individual Emotional Health Coaching


Couples Emotional Health Coaching


There have been times in my life where I have felt so wounded that the waking moments have sometimes felt unbearable.  We learn to sit with that pain, acknowledge it, and eventually move through it.  It's what we do when we recognize that we are no longer alone.  I am walking with you...every step of the way!

In light,

-- Kristin

Find your community at ecce yoga

Feel welcomed into a sacred space where you can unplug, relax, explore, and reach inside yourself to touch the truth of your soul.

ecce yoga

A Space for healing, growth, and community

Our teachers are passionate, skilled and most importantly, they care deeply about their students. As ecce continues to grow and change in this ever shifting world, we will continue to root for one another, sending loving kindness to our sangha and beyond, and we will all keep showing up to do the hard but important work of becoming more awake.

- Brenda Weiler, owner/yoga/meditation



Being able to connect to my clients and their needs is very important to me, as is their feedback.  It helps me gain an understanding and insight to how each person attends to their own story.

""I've suffered from depression and anxiety for nearly 22 years. I thought things were under control until I recently experienced an emotional shock, following which I started to experience panicky feelings and extreme anxiety. I quickly realized the event was not the root cause of those emotions, so on the recommendation of my massage therapist, I got in contact with Kristin to learn about how IPT could help me get to the root of the problem. I have had transformational results after 5 sessions. I have been able to let go of feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and unworthiness, and replace them with love for myself and my loved ones. I am able to set and maintain healthy boundaries, as well as respect myself and my abilities or limits on any given day. Best of all, I feel mostly free from the daily drag of anxiety and depression. It's terrifying to open oneself up, but Kristin put me at ease immediately, and I felt absolutely safe and protected while exposing all the stuff I find ugly about myself. IPT, and Kristin, have changed my life.

~ A.S.
Fargo, ND

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We have to learn how to manage the heavy emotions that we have, so they don't flood and overstimulate our nervous system.  Honor your experiences by showing up for yourself and doing the work to tend to your jagged edges.


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