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Couples Emotional Health Mentoring

The Road Back to Us

This 4-8-or-12 week program allows the two of you to discover belief systems from past experiences that affect your relationship and how you communicate and relate to each other. Our sessions will consist of:

  • Couples session - Lasting approximately 2-3 hours

  • Individual session for both you and your partner - Lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours

  • Couples session - Lasting approximately 2-3 hours


By looking at the beliefs of whether we think or feel we are lovable and if we think or feel we are understood, we begin to access our innate power to reconnect in our relationship by being able to put into words the reality of past experiences and how that has been integrated into our current reality. We work on connecting both sides of the brain to access the information stored in the self-sensing brain, to start to make sense about what happened to color our perceptions. As these events are illuminated and dark corners of the heart that hold the pain and suffering are released, emotional maturity and increased emotional intelligence uncover the ability to reason with what is currently happening externally in our relationship.


A greater sense of understanding for ourselves occurs, as does being able to see and understand our partner in a different light.

Being able to offer and hold space for each

other creates the compassion needed to

allow healing to take place for even the

deepest wounds.

  • 4-week session (couple) - $475.00​​

  • 8-week session (couple) - $750.00​

  • 12-week session (couple) - $1,075

  • Single sessions (couple) - $150.00

Payment arrangements available upon request.

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