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Children's hands coming together in a unity circle.

Integrative Processing Technique for Children

Unlike adults, children are not carrying years of toxic emotion and are not congested with memory that has been recorded and held in the body, or saturated with others’ negativity. They can forgive easily, love fully, and they are trusting, innocent, and approach life in a state of wonder. They are fearless, approaching life with joy and existing in their own etheric state, free to express who they are... until they are taught otherwise.


When working with children as a facilitator, I work with children that have started to absorb or take on misperceptions, judgements and fear that keep them from staying connected to who they are. Helping them “let go” and unearth any emotional blockages that keep them from living in their truth.


During a session, we let feelings come out through coloring. Interpreting the colors used and the intensity, I also look at where colors are placed on the page. Being able to put feelings into a shape and color gives a container for the emotion to be held and also offers a solution for the child to express themselves.


We use release techniques through coloring, talking through feelings, stomping feet, throwing a pillow, ripping up tissues, dumping out crayons, crying or curling up on mom's lap. The child may need help verbalizing the anger, depending on age.


Also, determining the cause of a specific emotion may stop a behavior from being directed towards loved ones. Anger is a secondary emotion, so if we can determine what the underlying emotion is, we can come to resolution. Common feelings that bring about anger are fatigue, frustration, disappointment, hurt feelings, or fear.


Putting feelings into words and finding solutions teaches children how to express themselves in similar situations. “I am really tired, and I can feel myself getting angry.


Any child would prefer the above explanation to an angry scolding for being too loud. Many times, our anger cannot be handled quickly or easily. However, the important thing is to recognize anger and to learn to deal with it in a positive way.

  • single session - $75.00

  • Package of 2 - $135.00

  • Package of 4 - $255.00

Coloring is a wonderful way to release heavy feelings and it's something that can be done on their own, once they learn how to productively release anger by giving it a shape and a color.  This helps restore the "feel good" feelings.

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