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I honor and celebrate your being here. Hi. I'm Kristin Frank, I guide and support brave souls through the discovery of learning to listen to what their body is communicating and realigning purpose, to live a happier and healthier life.  I have lots of tools in my toolbelt, that I am grateful to be able to share.  I became a Certified Emotional Health Facilitator and Coach after having experienced a life-altering session that felt like a veil had been lifted and I could finally see how incorrect beliefs that I'd carried a majority of my life, were what was adding to the resentment and deep mother wounds I carried - ask me about it...I'd love to tell you the story.  I am also a trauma-informed Adaptive Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Educator, and Reiki Practitioner. But most of all, I too am a warrior of the heart, committed to decoding and healing a body that carries pain as a remember where I've been and where I'm going.

I found these combined modalities in my own journey to relieve chronic the pain that began in childhood. Through self-discovery, I learned that my being emotionally sensitive had a direct correlation to my physical pain. By acknowledging my past experiences and trauma, I began to heal and overcome the wounds that originated from when I was a little girl. By doing the internal work, I am making peace to be with what manifests physically.


I am here to share what I have learned through self-exploration into why I held on, so tightly, to not feeling good enough. My heart-work is helping others find the compassion that I was finally able to give myself. I will help you tune into the truth and create the space you need to be with all aspects of yourself, by restoring the intimate relationship between your mind-body-spirit. The remedy is to stop stashing away the pain and keep moving through what feels difficult, as you learn how to be the Healer of your own story.

Let’s Work Together

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321 4th St N, Fargo, ND 58102

Tel: 701-388-6730

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