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A Holistic and Natural Healing Modality

We live in world of energy that nourishes and nurtures all living things,. With this in mind, we begin looking at energy as a way to bring balance and harmony to the parts of the body that are in conflict. Reiki offers a safe, gentle way to ease pain, discomfort, anxiety, or feelings of being unbalanced or disconnected.


Each person's experiences are different, depending on their particular needs during the session, but the method is nearly the same. Lying down on a table, fully clothed, I intuitively begin by following what the energy is telling me, stopping at joints and chakra centers to intuitively tap into whether or not there is movement or stagnation, generally cause by blocked emotions.


People report calming, deep relaxation, a peaceful sense of well-being, tingling, heat, and/or a shift in emotions.  It is not uncommon to see colors or images while deeply relaxed.  It indicates that you are aware of and releasing energy that the body no longer needs to hold.  It is your body's way of communicating that there is healing taking place in a particular chakra.

If you're not able to experience a treatment in person, a distance Reiki session is just as effective

  • Single session - $77.00

  • Package of 2 - $145.00

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