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Drum and Sound Healing

This gathering is a place of self-discovery, where you will be able to release what is no longer needed and open up to the guidance within. Working with sound in a healing way helps to explore and express what you're feeling through active meditation.

We will primarily be using frame drums (but any and all drums are welcome) as well as connecting with other forms of sound healing. It is about awakening the rhythm within, so even if you don't have a drum, your body can act as your instrument. We were, after all, born with a drum -- our heartbeats -- which connects us all.  Feel, hear, and see how drumming becomes a strong coming together of the music and the rhythms of spirit.  Your body will respond by indicating where it needs more vibration.  Let this be an invitation to how you can use tapping or drumming as a self-healing tool in your life.

Together, we will experience the benefits of a drum massage, sound cleanse, discovering your own healing rhythm, and reconnecting to spirit.  Therapeutic vibrations help with pain relief, stress reduction, emotional harmony, trauma, accelerating the healing process from dis-ease, surgery, or injury, and shifting your spiritual, mental, and emotional states in remarkably tangible ways.  There is so much that I can't wait to share with you and I look forward to you feeling your own internal shift.

All donations benefit a local charity.


* Red Eagle Frame Drums are also available for purchase at Ecce Yoga or visit 

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