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Mindfulness in Schools

When Working with Difficult Emotions

Encountering resistance and dealing with behavior issues is one of the most common challenges for educators.  Regardless of the subject matter we are teaching, our mindfulness practice can be a great asset in learning how to handle these situations with skill, grace, and integrity.  As a Mindful Educator graduate from Mindful Schools, I am able to share and offer guidance as an overview of key things to consider when working with resistance.  How to implement these tools will vary based on the control with which you work and the age of the children you are serving


  • see behaviors and resistance as information

  • handle your internal state of being

  • engage the behaviors

  • refine the container

  • get support

One of the greatest challenge to effectively work with resistance is our interpretation of behavior as resistance.  Our view of a student's actions can inhibit our ability to connect with them, block access to positive intentions, and exacerbate our own internal distress or reactivity.

By learning to understand such behaviors as valuable information about a child's needs, we can attempt to communicate their inner experience, to self-regulate.  The shift in our own thinking helps us stay connected to intentions of curiosity and care, creating new possibilities for engaging.

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