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10-Priority System

The 10-Priority System is a wonderful self-care tool to guide you in your journey to wellbeing.  By validating what your body needs for support, we follow the energy of what your body is communicating, by using muscle response testing to determine which 3 priorities would help in strengthening the body.  We test for:

  • structure

  • exercise/rest

  • nutrition

    • deficiencies/allergies​

  • cleanse

  • emotional

  • generational/reactive (neurological)

  • vibrational/chakras (energy)

  • aromatherapy

  • spiritual


10-Priority is a simple road map to better health.  It is important to commit to following-through with recommended priorities to strengthen the body.  If there is no follow-through, the body can actually become weakened.

  • $25.00/15 minute session

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