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Intuitive Tarot Reading

Tarot is a fun and intuitive way to seek support and guidance from Spirit.  I have a passion for helping my clients reach their full potential by accessing their own gifts and connecting to their purpose, so they can step into the best versions of themselves.  


Each session consists of us connecting either in person or over Zoom. 

  • We start with a meditation to connect our individual and combined energies, as well as to our angels, guides, and other light beings -- as we ask for their guidance and protection -- clearing any negative energy or low vibrations.  This helps you to make room for your intentions to be clear and concise.  

  • We balance and align the chakras

  • Tap into body awareness and what subtle sensation may be trying to communicate

  • Interpretation of a 3-6 card tarot spread, to deliver a meaningful message, based on what you are seeking for guidance.

  • Additional information from Archangel Michael's oracle card deck helps complete the visual story that the cards are telling.

  • You will also receive an 'I AM' affirmation to complete your session


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