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Adaptive Yoga

Somatic Movement

So much of who we are is dependent on how we move through life. We must first go down to go up, and go inward to go out -- accessing deeper parts of ourselves, rather than just muscular action. Yoga is learning to experience both the inner and outer body.

For me, yoga has always been about how I inhabit my body and what my body reveals to me, in the form of sensation or pain. Living with a chronic condition is a constant process of compensation, but it doesn't have to be. When we can explore a mind-body approach to what it is we feel, we discover that when pain stays on the outside, it will surround us. When we bring it in, to trust and allow what we feel, we surround the pain -- it becomes reference instead of all consuming.

Our stories are told through our experiences. To develop a loving relationship with our bodies means cultivating the realization of feeling supported. The mind will figure out how to support when the body feels safe and at ease.

I hope to see you at ecce yoga.  Our mission is to communicate that "ALL are welcome here."

ecce yoga is located in the heart of downtown Fargo, ND. ecce opened in 2008 in a unique partnership with ecce art gallery. After holding space for ten years on Broadway, ecce yoga relocated to a beautiful space in 2019.

ecce is a supportive space for all. ecce is wheelchair accessible and does not discriminate. All abilities, genders, races, and sizes are welcome and supported here.

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